BlendingBlending – Aromatherapy is more than simply diffusing essential oils into a room to make it smell lovely. Aromatherapy uses essential oils in various forms of application in healing physical discomfort and pain, alleviating emotional upsets, clearing mental confusion, and preventing illness and disease. In my practice I employee the following methods of application depending on the specific individualized essential oil formulation that best benefits the client.



Massage/Topical applicationMassage   – Massage /Topical application, as with massage, allows the healing benefits of essential oils to be absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. Topical application combines the benefits of essential oils with the benefits of massage therapy.





Steam Inhalation Inhalation – Inhalation of essential oils is the easiest and most direct method for essential oils to enter the body. Inhalation is more individualized and can be done by various methods: by direct inhalation of oils from the palms of the hands, a cotton ball, or tissue; steam inhalation using essential oils, a hot bowl of water, and towel; and through the use of personal nasal inhalers. Personal nasal inhalers incorporate a cotton filler infused with an essential oil blend inside a plastic tube carrier.



Diffusing – Diffusing involves dispersing essential oil molecules into the air by utilizing some type of warming device, ultra-sonic diffuser, or cold/water diffuser.  Diffusing essential oils into the air makes them available to everyone and every animal in the area.




BathsBath – Essential oils can be used in the bath in the form of bath salts, bath oils, and soaps. Bathing provides two methods for the healing benefits of essential oils to enter the body, through absorption through the skin and through inhalation of the bath steam.





Salt/Sugar ScrubsSugar/Dead Sea Salt Scrubs – Scrubs using sugar or salt and essential oils help relieve pain and discomfort. Scrubs are also good for exfoliating the skin.






Mouth wash or Gargle Mouth wash or Gargle – Using a mouth wash or gargle made with essential oils helps to alleviate mouth sores, gum problems, toothache, and sore throat.






Hot or Cold Compress Hot or Cold Compress – Adding essential oils to either a hot or cold compress helps to ease and reduce the swelling, pain, and stiffness of muscles and joints.






Salves and Lotions Salves and Lotions – Healing salves and lotions can be formulated to help with eczema, psoriasis, shingles, common rashes, insect bites, wounds, cuts, scrapes, acne, wrinkles, and other dermal conditions.


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