An Aromatic Love Affair

Essential Oils!  I love them!  Establishing a relationship with an essential oil is like falling in love with a human being.  You know that feeling of seeing an attractive person for the first time?  That little tickle you get in your stomach, that flutter you have between heart beats?  Yeah, it’s like that. Remember the first time you nervously opened a bottle of an essential oil unfamiliar to you and tentatively took that first inhalation of its essence?  Remember how it made you feel? Remember your giddiness?

At first you may not be certain you really like the essential oil.  You want to like it, but you just aren’t sure.  You are drawn to it, but you just aren’t sure.  You are what I will call the “Hesitant Partner.”  On the other hand you may fall head over heels in love.  There is no other essential oil out there!  Nothing else exists but that one essential oil.  You are in LOVE!  You are what I will call the “All-in Lover.”

In either case, the Hesitant Partner or the All-in Lover, the relationship still needs to be established.  There are things that need to be learned about the essential oil in order for the relationship to fully grow and mature into a stable, safe and lasting relationship; similar to a relationship between human beings.

Similar to a love relationship with a human being, the All-in Lover may be so excited about his/her new found love, e.g. essential oil, s/he may be tempted to jump right in and use the essential oil in everything, knowing very little of the essential oil’s background.  The more Hesitant Partner may take time to learn as much as s/he can about the essential oil’s history, background, family, etc. before jumping in and using it.  The Hesitant Partner may learn her new boyfriend, e.g. essential oil, may not work well with the medication she is taking, or with her medical conditions, or that the essential oil may assist with her with sleep.  The All-in Lover may be so taken with the essential oil that thoughts of medications, allergies, medical conditions, and safety may not cross his mind, all that matters is the sweet aroma of his chosen.

Tumultuous All-in Love affairs typically end in disaster.  Not enough care or time is taken to learn about one another, and in the case of immersion in an essential oil the result can be a systemic reaction and a life-long sensitization.  To say the least, a nasty break-up follows!

Sometimes, as with human relationships, the All-in Lover begins to learn about the background, history, usefulness of his love, e.g. essential oil, before too much damage has been done to the relationship.  Sometimes the All-in Lover begins to establish his relationship with the essential oil, finally.  Meanwhile the Hesitant Partner, who has been establishing her relationship with her essential oil boyfriend has learned so much and has grown with the essential oil.  The Hesitant Partner has learned how to safely approach her new love, e.g. the essential oil, with respect and utilize his gifts to their utmost benefit; to do no harm.

The Hesitant Partner has gone on what I would call group dates.   She has taken her new found essential oil boyfriend and blended him with other essential oils that are familiar to her, in order to gradually and safely learn about him.  The Hesitant Partner has researched the essential oil and learned what medical conditions, allergies, ages, and medications he should not be used with, and she has learned what his chemical composition is as well as what therapeutic properties he possesses.  Additionally, the Hesitant Partner has learned about his botanical family tree.  The Hesitant Partner is now the Confident Partner.  She established her relationship with the essential oil she loves.  The Confident Partner took the time to learn about all the blessed gifts her essential oil had to offer her.  The Confident Partner learned how to utilize those blessed gifts to their utmost potential and to utilize those gifts safely.  The Confident Partner has established a life-long healthy relationship with the essential oil.  This, my aroma-friends, is an aromatic love affair!

✿´´¯`•.¸¸ Fragrant Blessings ¸¸.•´¯`´

          Haly JensenHof, MA, RA 

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  1. It was fun… and there’s so many categories you could add!..there’s the gold digger, and the fickle flirt… and and and.. NEAT blog, Haly, thanks for it! Neat concept!

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